Box of 6……..£12.50
(Includes gift wrapping)

Box of 12…….£22.00
(Includes gift wrapping)

My macarons have a crisp shell with a soft chewy centre and are filled with a combination of delicious butter creams, ganaches, curds, compotes and caramels. Every box contains a mixed selection of flavours that I have in stock.

Christmas Flavours available to order ONLY:

Chocolate Baileys
Chocolate Orange
Christmas Spice
Cranberry and White Chocolate

I also offer other non seasonal flavours the rest of the year. Here are some examples:

Blackcurrant and Cream
Dark chocolate and Espresso
Lemon and Elderflower
Lemon and Lavender
Raspberry and Rose
Raspberry and White chocolate
Salted Caramel
Strawberry and White Chocolate


My macarons will last for 3 days if kept in their box and in the fridge. They are best eaten at room temperature.

Allergy info

One of the main ingredients in macarons is almond flour, so all of my macarons contain NUTS.

My macarons also contain EGGS, and DAIRY but are GLUTEN FREE.

Please note that my macarons are made in a separate premises keeping Bodkin Bakes’ kitchen on West Street completely NUT FREE.

Wedding Favours and Centrepieces

Macarons are also available to order as favours or as a centrepieces for weddings and any occasion.
Please get in touch for prices and any queries.