Hi! I’m Daisy, a creative spirit with a major sweet tooth …oh, and a load of allergies.

Most days you can find me in the kitchen. I’m a researcher, recipe developer, and artist who firmly believes that homemade is best.

Having a severe nut allergy myself I can assure my customers that no nuts will be used in my Old Market kitchen. Being gluten intolerant too I have dedicated time and effort into experimenting with recipes, trying to find the perfect tasting gluten free sponges.

But that’s not all! With my family and friends also having a range of allergies and intolerances Bodkin Bakes specialises in cakes and bakes for all dietary requirements.

If you can’t find anything suitable on the website, please email me at bakemeacake@bodkinbakes.co.uk by visiting my Want to get in touch? page. All recipes are adaptable and I will help you find something suitable and, of course, delicious!

Bodkin Bakes’ mission is to create fantastic bakes suitable for anyone and everyone to eat!